Sustainable Building & Certifications

We spin energy & carbon meters backwards.

  • ASHRAE-Compliant Energy Models - Commercial 


Whole-building energy simulations to model how properties use energy, and a good way to help owners manage greenhouse gas emissions


  • PACE Financing Expertise


PACE finance is great a way to upgrade new and existing buildings paid for by energy savings.  


  • Living Building Challenge

The LBC is a next-gen building certification requiring net-positive energy, water and waste.


  • NET-ZERO Energy Building Certification

NZEB is an offshoot of the LBC, requiring net-zero (or better) energy use and three other metrics.  'Good alternative when net-zero water use isn't an option.

  • U.S. Green Building Council LEED

The LEED certification is an industry-standard connoting best practices in building design and management.  In most major markets, it's synonymous with Class A building.


  • WELL Building

WELL Building certification is a companion program to LEED, and it certifies healthier buildings that support health and wellness.

  • Certification Management & Vendor Support

Management and support for building certification, plus assessment of vendor scopes of work.


GreenSpot Energy & Sustainability is an award-winning company, nationally recognized for innovation and excellence in green building. Since 2010, we’ve helped clients reduce or eliminate energy, water, waste and carbon.  We work with all types of clients and properties – commercial, hospitality, multi-family, residential and government. Our clients come back to us again and again because we consistently exceed expectations.


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