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January 24, 2017

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August 21, 2018

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GreenSpot Proud to B(Corp) the Change

October 7, 2015



GreenSpot Global was recently named a certified B Corporation – a designation given to companies that demonstrate environmental and social impact as a byproduct of their business model and operations.


GreenSpot is one of 1,442 companies so certified worldwide, one of 53 in Colorado and 15 in Denver.  Other B Corps include Patagonia, Method, Seventh Generation, Dansko and Ben & Jerry’s. 


B (“benefit”) Corporation status means that a company scores 80 or more points of 200 in an assessment administered by the 501(c)3 non-profit B Lab.  Companies must demonstrate that their operations pass muster in four categories.  




(2) How the company interacts with its internal and external COMMUNITIES.


(3) How the company treats its EMPLOYEES.


And (4) the IMPACT of its business model. 


The designation is to a company what Fair Trade certification is to crops, or LEED certification is to buildings – a vetted, transparent business designation that says a company considers not only shareholder value in maximizing profits, but also stakeholder benefit.


Economics Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller pegs B Corps as holding the key to greater profitability because of better governance, transparency and trustworthiness.  President Bill Clinton says B Corps create a “stakeholder society that doesn’t give one class of stakeholders an inordinate advantage over others.  And in the last month, Kickstarter achieved B Corp certification as a way to measure its social consciousness in addition to raising money for worthwhile endeavors.


The GreenSpot companies are proud of this big achievement, and we intend to use it as a tool for growth into the kind of company that can make a big difference for our clients, our awesome workers and ultimately, the planet.


For more info about GreenSpot or its B Corporation certification, please contact us.  

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